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Black Cat Solitaire - TriPeaks


Are you tired of playing those old boring solitaire apps that always have the same game-play and rough graphics?Then visit our cabaret and ENJOY a challenging variation of the popular table game classic solitaire (a.k.a Klondike)!
If you love classic solitaire (a.k.a Klondike) and its other variations like the Spider solitaire and FreeCell (Free Cell) then you're definitely going to love Black Cat Solitaire!
Chat Noir: Black Cat Solitaire is a variation of the classic solitaire called Tripeaks (also known as Three Peaks solitaire, Tri Towers solitaire, Triple Peaks solitaire or Pyramids solitaire).
The game uses one deck of cards and the object is to clear three peaks made up of cards.
The game starts with eighteen cards dealt face-down on the tableau to form three pyramids with three overlapping tiers each. Over these three pyramids are ten face-up cards.
The object of Black Cat Solitaire - TriPeaks or (TriPeaks solitaire) is to transfer all the cards from the tableau to the waste pile, uncovering cards further up the peaks, making them available for play. You win the game when you've removed all the cards from the tableau to the waste pile, demolishing the three peaks (tri peaks, triple peaks or pyramid).
Download and enjoy this patience game! This can be your alternative stress reliever game!